Happy Chick on iOS | Download Happy Chick Emulator on iPhone/iPad(UPDATE)

Our childhood was the best part of our life. There were, absolutely, no worries and we used to chill all day long. The most amazing part was, however, gaming. We used to enjoy a plenitude of games like Super Mario, Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and many more on our PSP or Nintendo gaming devices. In this guide, we are providing you a marvelous opportunity to relive your childhood on your iPhone/iPad.

What if we say to you that you can enjoy the same games in the same environment on your iPhone/iPad? Are you interested to know more? Well! All you require doing is installing Happy Chick Emulator on your iOS [iPhone/iPad] device. Happy Chick is one of the best gaming emulators that you can install on your iOS device. In this post, we are going to share with you the various methods through which you can install this amazing gaming emulator on your iOS device.

Speaking about emulators, you must be thinking that there are many other emulators available in the relative market, then why should you go ahead with Happy Chick. As an answer to your thoughts, please note that Happy Chick doesn’t support a single environment for gaming, instead; it supports more than 18 systems in one application including FAB/MAME/MAME PLUS, PS, PSP, FC (NES), SFC (SNEC), GBA, GBC, MD, NDS etc. Hence, instead of downloading a single emulator for each one of the above-mentioned systems, you can simply download Happy Chick on your device and cover all of the gaming systems in one shot.

Happy Chick Emulator on iOS | Features

We won’t be doing justice to this post if we move straight away to the installation steps without discussing the amazing features of the emulator. As a first, you must know that it doesn’t take time to download Happy Chick on your iOS device as the emulator supports high-speed internet download. Moreover, since it downloads in the form of a compressed package, you will save your data as well. Following are some more major features of the emulator.

  • As mentioned above, the emulator can emulate more than 18 systems in one application.
  • It even supports arcade and PSP games in online multiplayer mode. Hence, you can play games with your friends over the internet and share your best gaming moments.
  • The emulator has a marvelous collection of over 5000 classical games that include Super Mario, Street Fighter 97, Monster Hunter, Pokémon and more. In short, Happy Chick Game Emulator is the best way to revive your childhood gaming memories.
  • Happy Chick even has full support for cloud saving. This makes it simple to backup games anytime. Moreover, you can synchronize your cloud backup with multiple devices.
  • You can download Happy Chick Emulator on your jailbroken as well as non-jailbroken iOS devices. We will be sharing the download and installation steps for both in the post.
  • As of now, there are no reports from the users of Happy Chick of any kind of crashes and lag in the performance.

Moving forward, let us discuss the steps to download and install happy chick emulator download on both non-jailbroken and jailbroken iPhone/iPad. We have checked and Happy Chick Emulator on iOS 12, 12.1, iOS 12.2, iOS 11, 11.3, 11.2.1, iOS 10, iOS 9+ and it supports most of the iOS versions and you can give a try from your end from the below mentioned guide. Happy chick iOS 12 also works fine without any such issues.

Happy Chick Emulator on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

App NameHappy Chick Emulator
Supported oniOS and Apple Devices
Methods of InstallationWeChat, Cydia Impactor, xiaoji001
Last Update04-03-2019

Install Happy Chick Emulator on iOS [Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad]

Method 1: Install Happy Chick Emulator from WeChat

  • As a first, please download WeChat application on your iOS device from the App Store.
  • Please set up your WeChat account.

happy chick on iOS using WeChat

  • Once you are complete with that, please type in Xiaojigame in the search field present on the top of the screen.
  • You will see a single application whose name will be in Chinese.
  • In the bottom menu, you will see an option for iOS. Please click on that.

download happy chick iOS

  • Next, within the package’s description, you can spot a blue colored link. Please tap on that.
  • On the next screen that comes up, please tap on the 3 dotted option and select ‘Open in Safari.’

HAPPY CHick emulator download we chat

  • A new page will come up from where you require copying the Activation Code and tap on Step 1 -> Download for iOS. On the pop-up that comes up next, select ‘Install.’
  • Within a few minutes, Happy Chick Emulator will be present on the home screen of your iOS device. Do not launch it yet. First, trust its profile from Settings -> General -> Device Management.
  • That’s it! Please launch the emulator now and paste the Activation Code in it that you copied above.

Method 2: Download Happy Chick Emulator IPA on iPhone/iPad [Cydia Impactor]

  • Please download Happy Chick Emulator IPA from here: Download Happy Chick Emulator IPA on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
  • Next, please install Cydia Impactor on your Windows PC/MAC Computer from here (http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/).
  • Now, with the aid and assistance of Cydia Impactor, you require sideloading the IPA file to your iPhone/iPad. Please connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC.
happy chick emulator iOS
Connect your iPhone/iPad to Cydia Impactor
  • Once the installation process is successful, make sure you trust the profile of the application prior to launching the same.
Happy Chick Installation process
Drop Happy Chick iPA File onto Cydia Impactor
  • The only downside of the sideloading process is that you require following the steps again after every 7 days if you utilize a free Apple Developer ID to sign the IPA using Cydia Impactor.
easy way to install happy chick
Enter Apple ID & Password to Install Happy Chick
  • On the other hand, if you utilize a paid Apple Developer ID the IPA’s certificate will remain valid for a year.

Install Happy Chick Emulator on iOS [Jailbroken iPhone/iPad]

download happychick Emulator on iOS

  • Wait for the webpage to load. Once the webpage loads, please tap on the ‘Download’ button present under the caption ‘Jailbreak users please download.

download happy chick Emulator latest

  • That’s it! Tap on ‘Install’ on the pop-up that comes up and within a few minutes, Happy Chick Emulator will be present on your iOS device. You do not require trusting the profile on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad.

Download & Install Happy Chick Emulator  on Non-Jailbroken/Jailbroken iOS

This was all regarding the installation of Happy chick game emulator iOS on iPhone/iPad, jailbroken, as well as non-jailbroken. In case, you get stuck anywhere or have any questions to ask, please feel free to drop us note down in the comments section. Also, let us know about your experience of using the Happy Chick Emulator on your iOS device.

Thank You.

Happy Chick on iOS | Download Happy Chick Emulator on iPhone/iPad(UPDATE)
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